Adsense Optimization: 11 Ways to optimize your Adsense earnings

Adsense Optimization

Adsense is no doubt a great way to earn on monthly basis; it will help you earn more when done properly. A website is able to earn a lot through the Google Adsense, I was going through some articles to learn new techniques about the Adsense but then I noticed that all the mentioned techniques were either outdated or the writer has just written them without any research.

I decided to write some effective tips for optimizing the Adsense, I have learned a lot regarding the Adsense in past few years.  This is going to be very helpful for the beginners who are facing issues regarding the optimization of Adsense. If you apply Adsense appropriately; you can earn millions of visits in a month.

Following are the practices suggested for best results in Adsense publishing.

  1. New to Adsense? Learn to optimize Adsense

If you are new to Adsense optimization, take some time to learn from the tutorials available on the internet. The videos of Google’s Adsense optimization course are very helpful in this case; these videos cover all the basic information necessary to begin.

  1. Consider using the recommended ad size



There are many ad-sizes available but Google recommends using some specified sizes. There are ad sizes which have higher demands as compared to others. When selecting the ad units try to select the ad units which are listed down as “recommended”.  According to my experience the best way is to run two units of 300×250 in the side bar or around the post and header 728×90. Selections of units also depend on the layout of your webpage and the audience.

  1. Place appropriately

When placing the ad, keep in mind that your ad should be visible to the user easily. Try to place your ad in a manner that the user is able to see it without scrolling the page

  1. Text or Display ads


At the time of creation of ad unit, you are able to select what type of content you wish to display. It is suitable to select both text and display ads because it helps maximize your earning. Use all of your units for text and display ads.

  1. Say no to BLOCKING


You have the authority to block and allow ads which are visible on your website; my experience will suggest you not to block any ad because you don’t know which ad is going to pay you higher. Block ads which are inappropriate for the audience or the ads which are by your straight competitor.

  1. Change your Ad positions regularly

I would recommend you to test your ad positions habitually, keep on trying different sizes and locations with the ads. You never know which position may help you earn more; or which size is more suitable for your website.

  1. Play with fonts and colors


Fonts and colors play major role in your ads, experienced optimizers would suggest you to try different combinations of font styles and colors. Try several combinations before posting a single ad; you can’t decide which one will help you generate more revenue.

  1. Maximum CTR units load initially

All the ads present on the page do not pay equal on click, make it a concern that highest paying ad must be delivered first when the webpage loads.

  1. Adsense direct is helpful

When an advertiser purchases an ad directly through your website, you earn more in that case. So provide a link to the advertiser for buying ad directly.

  1. Google custom search adds up to revenue

Use of Google custom search for your on-site search is very beneficial; by doing so you are able to earn little extra revenue.

  1. Keep a check with Adsense scorecard

Make use of Google’s Adsense scorecard which helps you to compare yourself with other publishers, it also warns you regarding negative things on your website.


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