Why Animation Should Be Part of Your Business Strategy

Animation is no longer an option but an increasingly popular and viable way of promoting businesses online. Recently, there has been a switch from texts to video in delivering a powerful marketing message. A very good example of a company that utilized animation for its marketing campaign is “Dropbox”.Its website landing page consisted of just an animated explainer video and a download now button. According to insiders from the company, this video campaign recorded an extra 10% increase in their revenue.

If the top companies are using animation to market their products/services, then it is very safe to say that “video marketing works.”

If you are still contemplating whether to hop on the video marketing bandwagon, here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider animated explainer videos.

  1. Vidyard: Implemented a demo video on their landing page and experienced a 70% increase in sales.
  2. CrazyEgg: CrazyEggsaw a 65% increase in their conversion rates resulting to an extra $21,000 in monthly sales after launching a marketing video on their website landing page.
  3. Dollar Shave Club: Grew to fame after releasing a viral explainer video about its products. The video recorded almost 5 million views.
  4. DesignBoost: Had a 15% increase on their sign up rate after implementing a demo video on their landing page.
  5. ZenCash: Released a unique demo video which saw 75% of their visitors interacting with the company while watching the video.


Though explainer videos are the in-thing now, you should not launch one on your landing page, then go back home to sleep, or expect alerts in your bank account. There are rules to follow for marketing videos to achieve positive results.

  1. Make a professional Video:Just because you have an excellent voice or you are good with graphics designing doesn’t mean you can go ahead to create an explainer video! Please hire a professional animated video production company or a freelance artist, if you cannot afford the fees of a production company.
  2. Attention grabber: Your animated explainer video should stand out, be engaging and located at the center of your landing page. Your landing page must revolve around it, such that your visitors would not be able to exit without viewing it.
  3. Short, Simple, Straight to the point:Most internet users tend to avoid reading text that is too longas well as watching long videos. Keep your explainer videos short and straight to the point. If you can grip visitors in the first 5-10secs, they will continue watching the video to the end. Therefore an average of 1-3mins is perfect for your demo videos.
  4. Add a call to action:Your animated explainer video should be customer focused while mentioning your business selling point. Lastly, it must include a call to action to enable viewers to use or purchase your product. 

Your website is a novel, and not everyone loves to read a long book. An explainer video helps to make that novel brief while highlighting the most important points. If you are still contemplating, this new and important aspect of marketing can no longer be ignored. Your start-upneeds to jump on the explainer video bandwagon, that is if you are not there already!

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