Beginners Guide to Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is considered to be the greatest thing so far, it is the latest thing in the web development domain. If there are questions arising in your mind now concerning the responsive design you have landed at the right place! Your queries will be satisfied with a further portion of the article.

What responsive web design actually means?

If you fancy learning about the latest developing technique of responsive web design you should first observe the swift changes happening in the internet use.  There is a major switch of users from computers to other portable gadgets mainly including Smartphones and tablets. Previously desktop computers were only used for searching, updating status, and check emails. But now with the dawn of Smartphones we have become capable of doing more than these things on the go. According to several researchers most of the cell phone owners utilize their cell phones for using internet and surfing websites, tablets have made their spot in the market very rapidly plus the sale of desktop is affected majorly by these tablets. Observing these changes it became necessary to optimize the websites for users of all devices, initial step of this journey was to launch a mobile-optimized version of the website. The concept of the mobile site is to make a version of your website which is suitable for mobile phone users and it is a distinctive version of your website.  The most attractive feature found in a mobile site is that the user does not need to pinch, zoom, and squint the page every time when the selection has to be made. Responsive design is crafted in such a way that it fits most of the portable devices used in the present world.

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Penetrate into responsive design

You don’t need to create a different version to support every mobile device; the function of responsive design is to optimize your current website in such a way that it becomes capable of supporting several devices. Responsive web design is actually the same website however in diverse layouts.  The simplest definition for responsive design is to consider it as the chameleon of websites; it adapts the screen size and fits in it.

Do you need responsive design or not?

It is one of the major tasks to find out that you need a responsive website or not, this depends on the nature of your business. Websites like Pizza hut, Domino’s still have their mobile sites because people come here to make purchases regardless of their website designs. The site is merely used to order pizza which has nothing to do with the responsive design. What your site does plays an important role making a decision regarding the application of responsive design to your website.

How to Convert your site into the responsive site?

After doing the research and making a final decision about the implantation of responsive design you now need a developer that can work on your website and make it a responsive website. The project can be an evening long or it can take up to few months, this totally depends on the length of the code of your current website.  Experienced developers can craft the content into a responsive site which fits different devices. There is no surety that your content will remain same after being converted into a responsive website.



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