How to chose best blogging platform? WordPress or blogger or Joomla!

how to chose best blogging platform? WordPress or blogger or joomla

Living in the 21st century, it is nearly impossible if you haven’t come across the word ‘Blogging’. Targeting your interest, a blog could be about anything. From showing your interest as a “Foodie” to being a “Sports car lover”, a blog can be of any genre. Blogging had been one of the most consistent forms of arts. Uploading your video featuring something on Youtube is considered as a blog. Getting a feedback on your Facebook status is also a form of blogging. Hence, anything that gives an idea of your knowledge and interest through any medium; be it writing or V-Logging, can be summed up as “Blogging”.

Being concerned to the writing blogs, for those of you who have been blogging for some time now, they’d be familiar to some of the very famous blogging sites like the Blogger, WordPress & Although there are several other blogging sites, but being the ‘Most Renowned, these 3 are at the top of the funnel. Allowing you to display your interest and knowledge online, they have been a steady platform to get your job done. Considering the Pros and Cons of some of these blogging mediums; have a look at what each of them has in store for you:

WordPress: & have undoubtedly been the BEST when it comes to blogging and providing the website hosting domain. Providing the sophisticated and powerful plug-ins, WordPress allows you to customize your blog; making it more appealing. Being used by almost 19 % (almost 60Million) of the internet users worldwide, it proves to be the most loyal companion to the bloggers; be it the experienced or the new ones.


  1. Allows you to customize your blogs.
  2. Elegant and easy to use.
  1. Best for the new ones.


  1. Website hosting is a MUST.
  1. Less customization.


 Blogger is one of the most easy to use blogging platforms by the Google. Being convenient, it is famous among the new and innovative bloggers. If you are looking for a simple set-up for your blogging needs, than Blogger would certainly work out fine for you.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Free of cost.
  3. Allows you to track the public traffic on your blog.
  4. Allows you to publish anything; targeting a huge audience.


  1. Does not support many of the widgets as other sites do.
  2. The products that you can add to your blogs are mostly the Google products.
  3. Cannot be used as the professional blogging site precisely. has been one of the oldest blogging sites that exist till date. It has been considered outdated nowadays. But still, it highlights almost the same features as the WordPress. Considering its Pros and Cons; have a look below:


  1. Elected as the 2nd best CMS after the WordPress.
  2. Provides free plug-ins and extensions. (Almost 6000)


  1. Outdated blogs.
  2. Low audience and smaller community

Blogging is now being considered as the most common things that people love to do in their leisure times. What results to be the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to the blogging is certainly the medium you choose to get it published on. Therefore, if you have been fond of this ‘Hobby of the century’ lately and are interested to get it all going, you have been provided with the best details to count on. Cheers!


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