How to choose a best Blogging Niche?

guide to choose your blogging niche

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Now is the time you are thinking to begin with your own blog, the very initial step for creating a blog is to select your niche. The word niche is nothing else but just a fancy expression for the word topic. The question arises that why is it important to select a good and attractive niche; it is very essential because you cannot just write without knowing about the topic exactly and the readers of your blog will not be satisfied with it, all this will result in less traffic and in some cases it will generate decreased revenue.

It is very significant to comprise a topic for your blog and the key point of selecting the topic is that it should be something that you like the most; you should passionate about the selected topic for the reason that it will keep your interest and the matter you generate will keep your readers glued to your writing.

According to an inspirational quote; passion about your work is very necessary because without passion there is no energy, when there is a lack of energy there is nothing. It means when a work is done with passion the chances of productivity are higher.

Another point that needs to be noted very carefully is that your blog will soon become very important to you; it will be something you are talking about all the time. Your blog will consume a lot of your time for writing interesting and up to date content; you will be making your living through your blog very soon. It is something that you love, if this is not the case then what is the reason for writing blog? As discussed above passion is an essential element in every job you do, if there is no passion there is no creativity and lack of creativity result in low-quality outputs.

Is this your hobby or an idea for money making?

Do you want your blog to be a source of money generation in future or you are just looking forward to writing something about your favorite footballer or pro wrestler? If this is the case then you definitely don’t need to think much about the niche. The reason is that blogs written as a hobby just need to be written from the heart, it’s all about the passion and love of writer towards the niche. Be careful when writing blogs as a hobby because many people have lost their job for the reason they have written something very stupid in their blogs.

In other case if you consider your blog as a tool for earning money, then it is very important that you look at the marketplace and consider what are the most famous topics or which topic are helping people earn more. There are several topics present which will help you earn large amount of profit, while some are already comprehensively covered by other bloggers, and few topics fall in the category which do not generate high amount of profit and are not liked by readers. If you observe that niche you are selecting to blog on is already a very common topic or it has large number of bloggers who are already blogging on it then you should rethink, consider some other topics and make decision by thinking through each point of view. Experts quote this in other words like it is better if you are a big fish found in a small pound than the small fish which is found in a big pound.

After deciding on the topic you will write on its now time to dive into the blogging pool, now the time has come to begin writing your first content but before you begin to write there are some key points which you should follow.

  • Research deeply about your niche

Basic step of carrying out this research is to look for the big names in your domain, who are the people running successful blogs, learn about the history of these blogs; learn about the existence and survival of these blogs. Find the amount of profit they generate from these blogs, who actually are the founders of this blogging niche. The best way to perform this investigation is to use google and other search engines because all the required information is accessible on the internet.

Build up a list which will contain the names of famous and popular blogs of your selected niche, study these blogs thoroughly. Learn from these blogs about the pattern of writing blogs, about the content you should share with the readers and tone of writing.

After all these steps you have now completed the research and study about the blogging, there is no need to write the same things as other blogs already have it. Save your time and select the matter that you think is attractive; apply your own writing technique to it and generate a totally new content which is now your blog.

  • Find out about successful authors in your domain

List down the names of well-known blogs and people who run these blogs; visit and read these blogs, interact with other readers, and with the writers too. The more you interact the more people will become curious about you and your presence on the blog. Interact more and take part in the discussions simply stay active on their blogs. Higher interaction will somehow result in higher traffic on your blog sooner or later; this high traffic will help you generate high profit. Your presence in the discussions and comments on blogs will help people make their way to your blog.

Don’t waste more time thinking, go and make a move! 100% of the shots which are not taken are missed; in simpler words when you don’t try you don’t succeed.

Now you might be thinking that the content I generate will be read or not? Yes, it is a question that terrifies every writer, if you aim to make a blog that generates income for you then you have to work on it for upcoming several years. You have to give thousands of hours to your blog, you have to gamble with your time. You need to look for the appropriate keywords and phrases that people search on the internet and make their use in your content it will show your content in the search engine results; it takes time to move up in the search results.

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