How to start a blog with WordPress guide 2015


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Before you begin blogging, you need to stop and ask yourself two very important questions. The First question is why are you starting a blog? The Second question you need to ask yourself is that what will you blog about?

When you have answered these questions satisfactorily; you are able to start your blog. Now let’s move forward and have a look at these questions.

Our guide is comprised of five simple and easy to follow steps; these steps assure the successful beginning of your blog. The rest of success and failure is dependent on your efforts and interest.

Why are you starting a blog?

When a person thinks about starting a blog, there can be many reasons behind it; a blog ranges from a personal journal to an efficient tool of marketing. Prior to starting publishing and posting on your blog you need to answer this question that why are you starting a blog? The answer to this question will make it very easier for you to decide about what you should post on your blog and how often shall you post on your blog. Some of the most common reasons that lead to initiating a blog are discussed below.

Personal journal

Writing a blog for personal journal is very simple, you can write about your diet plan and weight loss tips; these tips will turn out to be useful for the readers who visit your blog. Some people like to share their experience of traveling along with the images and different videos, so it also a valuable source of sharing your incidents with family, friends, and the whole world.

Help people

There are many people who search internet for the solution of almost every problem; so for these type of people you can start a blog. A Simple example is to begin a blog about pets; this blog will discuss diseases, their likes, and dislikes, plus their habits and the owners can share their experiences with each other. This will help many people solve their problems and you will feel contented when you begin receiving emails saying thank you.

Make money

The most common reason we will talk about is to make money; the yes majority of the people start blogging because they want to generate some extra income. There is nothing wrong with it and several people have earned a lot of money through blogging. It needs to start generating money from the blog because you need some regular readers than you will have a sufficient amount of traffic; you can put ads on your blog and your income will grow.

Express your opinion

Blogs are a perfect source of expressing your point of view about anything, sometimes your friends or family doesn’t like discussing sports or politics with you for this case blog is the best thing. With the passage of time, you will make new friends which share same thoughts as yours.


You can write a blog about your hobby too; some people use blog to share their experience about their hobby. For instance you like photography; you can share your experiments and your results. You can make new friends; you can have critiques which help you improve.

What to blog about?

The most important factor influencing the success and failure of your blog is the topic or niche you write on. It is recommended that you select a niche which keeps you interested; there are many reasons to select a topic of your interest. The First reason is that when you write on the topic of your interest you can generate content quickly and it will be interesting too. When selecting the topic don’t just think about it being highly paid, consider your interest more. If the topic is not from your preference then you will have burden every time you update your blog with the latest content.

One thing you need to learn from all the successful bloggers is that they chose the niche which they were passionate about. They loved the topic they blogged about; this was the reason they stand successfully in their desired domain.

When thinking to choose a suitable niche for your blog you should consider asking following questions from yourself and answer these questions honestly.

  • What things do you like chatting with friends?
  • How do you spend your leisure time?
  • Which hobbies do you enjoy?
  • What are your favorite activities?

Choosing a name for your domain

No doubt the domain name you choose is an important factor affecting the traffic on your blog. The domain name you decide on for your blog is affective on everything, including the efforts you do on SEO of your blog and the fame of your blog.

We have listed down some main aspects about how the domain name becomes effective on your blog; and how it plays its role in the success and failure of your blog.

  • The domain you choose should be easily memorable; the name should not be too long or uncommon because it reduces the chances of being called up in regular conversations.
  • The domain you have chosen shall be easy to remember and the spelling should be complicated reducing the chances of misspelled words.
  • Considering search engines, you should make a choice of the domain names that contain keywords in them because without the keyword search engines find it difficult to visit your website.

You have to make a selection of keywords very carefully because sometimes the keywords you choose are already in use by other bloggers. While choosing a domain name one should keep in mind the niche of the blog as it helps to generate and use keywords in the domain name. Let’s consider an example of a fashion blog we can use the keyword “Fashion” very easily but for other keywords we need to make a combination that suits our blog. You have to put up sometime searching keywords for your domain name. Further, you should avoid using hyphens in your domain name because it becomes awkward to speak your domain name by mouth. A domain name which is exceptionally long also discourages people to refer it to others, so try using short and unique domain names.

Be careful not to use anybody’s trademark on your blog or website because the other person may report to you and it will result in temporary or permanent banning. Thinking about unique domain name is very important because if you choose a domain similar to well-established name than it is difficult for you to make your place; keep your primary keywords in mind and think of a unique domain name, it is time taking but the results are worth it.

Getting web hosting

Another important step to start blogging is to get hosting, but It is not tough. Getting a hosting is easy and directly onward task.

Web hosting is simply considered as a place where your blog is living, web hosting available is normally of three types. You can select one depending on your budget and need.

If you think about making a name in your niche than surely free hosting is not for you, because in free hosing your files are visible to the public. The hosting will push ads on your website and all the internet users can know from the appearance of your website that you use free hosting.

Walking one step further we see that shared hosting is getting popular very quickly, shared hosting is available in less than 10$ which is not costly when you think of earning money from it. When you make a shared hosting account; your website is present on the internet among all other websites and the positive part here is that your files are kept separate plus there are no ads forced on your website by the company. The providers of shared hosting usually have packages with unlimited storage space which is enough for you, bandwidth provided is limitless, and unlimited email addresses plus database.

Talking about a VPS server we can say that Virtual private server is one step ahead of the shared hosting. In VPS all the websites are kept separately, your website will have its own sandbox where only your data is kept; malware from the other websites is kept away from your website. Moving further we can say that VPS has ability to provide dedicate bandwidth which in simpler words mean that your website will load faster than others and you can serve more visitors at once. The price for Virtual Private Server is higher than shared hosting and the life time is also higher. You don’t need to upgrade the VPS until your traffic and the budget necessitate you to.

The last step is the dedicated hosting; it suits you when you have some thousand hits on your website every day. In the dedicated server your website is residing on your own server, the speed is incredibly fast; all the content of your website is secure. The price is quite high so people prefer it when they have reached the peak of their business.

Making changes to name servers (DNS)

In order to craft a working blog you need to establish connection between your web hosting and domain, it is done by the process of DNS usually known as changing name servers.  If you have bought the domain and hosting from same place then you need not to worry because the provider has done all the necessities. In the case where you buy both the things from different providers than you have to make a connection between them, if you don’t to so your blog won’t become functional and available to the visitors.

The name servers are essential because you simply type the domain name in your web browser and you can visit the site you want to. If there were no name servers than you have to remember the IP address for all website, just think how difficult it would be to remember thousands of IP addresses.

The process of making connection is generally common but sometimes it differs depending upon the providers.

Steps are given below

  • Log in to your domain registrar
  • Choose “Domain names”
  • Find the domain name which you like to edit
  • Click on the button saying “Unlock domain”
  • Make selection of option “Change name servers”
  • Type down the name server values provided by your hosting provider
  • Click the button which says “change name servers”

You have done it! It can take up to 24 hours to make changes.

Installing WordPress

The process of WordPress installation is generally as follows.

  • Sign in to cPanel of your web host
  • Find the section which states “Softaculous”
  • To continue locate the icon saying “WordPress” and click the “Continue” button
  • In the next step identify the prefix for your URL; also choose a folder for your WordPress.
  • Make changes to the database; choose username, email, and password where you want the details to be sent.
  • Now click Install

Your WordPress database and configuration files will now be created automatically, an email containing your WordPress admin info will be sent to you.

To make customization to your blog, follow these steps

  • Sign in to the admin page of your WordPress
  • Move to “appearance” and select “themes”
  • Insert search term in the “search box”
  • Preview the theme by clicking and install it if you like it.

Promote your blog

For the purpose of promotion of your blog, you can use several techniques. We will mention few of them here and it depends on you that which method you prefer to use.

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Blog comments
  • Guest posts
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Other methods

If you want your blog to be successful you need to make it available to users regardless of the niche you write about. For the purpose of making it popular you need to promote your blog.


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