Top Google AdSense Alternatives 2015

If a person thinks of earning money through the blog, in other words, when a person decides to make a blog a source of earning money then the best way monetize your blog is by Adsense. Google Adsense is well known for the high amount of revenue it generates; nobody talks about the problems which a person has to go through when signing up for an Adsense account. The real problem begins when your account is banned by google Adsense; for this reason the possible solution is to find out alternatives which generate money.

The names mentioned below are few alternatives of Google Adsense; it does not mean that these are better than Google Adsense. In some cases, a person is able to generate higher revenue as compared to Google Adsense. Names of some alternates that help to achieve higher traffic are Chitika, Viglink, and BuySellAds. These are able to provide higher earnings sometimes.

Adsense is categorized as the contextual programs of ad networking while on the other hand alternatives of Adsense are not contextual. Talking about infolinks we can observe that it is in-text link program, BuySellAds provide a platform for advertisement directly, and your outbound links are converted into affiliate links by Viglink.  We learn that all alternatives are different in nature, but not better than Google Adsense.

Every blogger begins the journey with a dream that the blog gets Google Adsense approval, but it does not happen all the time; sometimes the blog gets rejected. This is not the end for bloggers, and here in this post we will discuss in detail about some alternatives that will help generate revenue like google Adsense.  Before you choose an alternative it is very important to decide about the nature of traffic you wish to generate to your blog.

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media net review is a network operates on contextual ads; it is supported by two eminent names in the industry Yahoo! and Bing. The ads of pay higher than other alternatives to Adsense, it has similar ads which are just like the ones present on Adsense. If your blog is of high quality and it has a decent amount of traffic in a month than it is no big deal for you to get approved.

2. BuySellAds

buysellads review

BuySellAds is also considered to be an excellent alternative for google Adsense, one of the unique feature of BuySellAds is that it fetches all your blog stats automatically after you submit the application. Your site needs to have a decent amount of traffic in order to get approved; as your website is approved you are able to setup an area for advertisers to bid.

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3. Superlinks

superlinks review

Superlinks is well known for providing several types of ads mainly tower ads, footer ads, display ads, and furthermore. Minimum payout with Superlinks is100$ via PayPal, wire transfer or you can use Payoneer too. In order to apply for Superlinks your blog must have traffic generation of almost 100,000 per month, their super exit links assist perfectly in earning high amount of profit from your blog. Rejected publishers of Adsense are warmly welcomed by Superlinks; it can turn out to be a suitable monetization program for your blog because it never lets you miss the Adsense.

4. Adversal



Adversal needs50,000 blog views per month to accept your application, it holds numerous features that are similar to the Superlinks, minimum payout limit is 20$ after month end. Payment methods are Payoneer, PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer. The approval for Adversal takes up to 3-4 days; it is better you apply for both Adversal and Superlinks as Superlinks pays more.

5. Chitika

chitika review

Chitika is my personal preference because of some additional features; talking about them we can mention that the ads placed on your website are relevant to the content and you have the authority to customize font color, URL color, and border color so that the ad blends with your website format.

6. Infolinks

infolinks review

Infolinks is considered to be the leader of providing in text ads, it is now providing many other ways to advertising on your blog. There are several ways to earn money from infolinks by making use of various types of ads; commonly we can say in tag ads which function in similar manner like google Adsense, in-frame ads which are best source of earning money for unused portion of your blog. It is highly recommended to use infolinks as an alternative of Adsense; it can be used with a combination of several other ad networks which will result in higher revenue.

7. Viglink

viglinks review

Viglink is classified as an outstanding alternative for Adsense because it links to business or e-commerce websites. Viglink operates in a different way when compared to other alternatives of Adsense; it allows you to earn money by making affiliate sales. It is simply great when you use Viglink and your website has outgoing links which lead to Amazon or fashion stores. Viglink has feature of putting ad links to the money terms you use on your website for instance we can say Apple, iPhone, or similar terms that are business related; by this feature people end up generating decent amount of money.

8. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is observed to be similar to Viglink in several ways, and it is no doubt the best alternative if you get rejected by Viglink. Your outbound links are altered into affiliate links which assist in earning money whenever a sale takes place. By the help of Viglink and Skimlinks bloggers have managed to earn 10X of their normal revenue; you should make a decision by thoroughly observing the nature of your website or blog. I would -recommend you to definitely give a try to Skimlinks or Viglink.

9. Adengage


It is categorized as very appropriate podium for the publisher to sell ads openly, traffic requirement for AdEngage approval is 1000 impressions per day. PayPal is the preferred method for cash outs; the minimum amount of cash out is 50$.

These are some of the most common and effective alternatives of Adsense, if your website or blog is rejected by Adsense then you can utilize these alternate methods to keep generating money. The best way of covering up the Adsense is to make a mixture of two or more than two Ad networks by choosing them after thorough research related to them and your blog. Traffic plays an important role in generating money.


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