Top 10 Website Builder Sites 2015

In this rapid technology-driven world, the use of website builders has become very obvious. There are many advantages of using these website builders, the main and attractive point which makes people use these creators is that a person does not need any special website development skills to build a website that looks proficiently designed. The website builders present online provide a user to customize the website to a very high extent, editing features available on these website creators are sufficient for making a website look attractive. There are numerous templates available at these website creators, and the user is able to select the preferred template then tailor it according to its need. Almost everything on a website is customizable, location of content blocks, color schemes and many other things. There are numerous website creators functional on the internet; all of them offer a paid version along with the free version. Paid version offers some additional facilities. After paying a small fee on a monthly basis, you can obtain a unique domain name, you can have some extra facilities like having more number of web pages, boosted disk space, and you can also transform your website to an entirely working online store.

The main idea in the rear for writing this informative piece of text is to introduce our readers to the website builders that are helpful in creating your own website free of charge. Here we are going to discuss about all those website creators which are fully working and they are free of time trial version.

  1. WIX



WIX is ranked at the top of the most popular and liked website builder of the present era, the specialty of WIX is to design HTML5 websites which are search engine friendly. There are thousands of templates present in the collection of WIX, plus you can modify the templates as per your requirements. The simple drag and drop nature of WIX has made it the best free website builder. WIX is best for people who desire to make their portfolio, business website, one-page resume. There is a second level domain provided by WIX, they also entertain their users with free hosting. Storage space offered is up to 500MB with 1G bandwidth, Google Analytics are built in with your website; high end support is provided by WIX moreover your website will have WIX brand ads on each page.

  1. WebsiteBuilder



Among the list of free website builders, we have one very obvious and famous name which is This creator allows you to build your website free of cost, no hidden charges. The main plus point for this creator are its attractive and unique designs. There are several templates distribute in the form of various categories. The user doesn’t need to have skills related to HTML/CSS in order to make its own website. The efficient drag and drop feature work well to create an attractive and fully functional website. will only add footer along with its name banner; it offers a free of charge sub-domain name for the free website.

  1. IM Creator


Like all other website builders available online, IM Creator is also a well known name. It offers a second level domain along with storage space of 50MB. A very noticeable thing about this web creator is that they have a regularly updating collection of templates which are suitable for different categories. There is an addition of up to date and imaginative designs every month, the drag and drop feature turns out to be very helpful to the people who lack the knowledge of HTML and other techniques. The website created by IM Creator works perfectly on the majority of devices including Smartphones and tablets.

  1. Sitey


Sitey turns out to be a very powerful and efficient website builder; if you want to create a website that is professional looking then you must give a check. If you opt for the free plan provided by you will have storage space of up to 50MB, bandwidth of 1GB, file upload up to 5MB. Thousands of templates are present on their website, the mobile version of your website is a big plus point in free plan. Like all other reputable website builders; also abscond a small ad on your web page.

  1. WebStartToday


One more efficient website builder WebStartToday turns out to be a good source for creating attractive and modern websites. They support high level customization, being a free user you can access and choose from the list of free templates. 24/7 support is available from their experienced professionals; small ads are visible on your website due to free service.

  1. WebStarts


WebStarts proves out to be a wonderful solution for people who wish to make a single page resume website or portfolio website. The collection of WebStarts is full of unique and ingenious web templates, user is allowed to choose from this varying collection. With free version you can create a website of maximum 5 pages; 10MB of storage, 5GB of storage is offered with the free version.

  1. Moonfruit



The website builder named as Moonfruit is considered to be unique and valuable because of the availability of numerous templates. The free package of Moonfruit offers 1 website that can be up to 15 pages. It provides the users with 20MB storage, 1GB bandwidth, plus it creates a mobile version for your website automatically. There is no customer support.

  1. Jimdo


Jimdo is listed as another free website creator; one can create a personal portfolio or an online store. Number of items is limited with 500MB storage; it also has several other additional features.

  1. Yola


Yola turns out to be the most interesting and useful website creator, the free package served by Yola consists of 5 websites instead of 1 which is standard by every website creator. Each website has storage of up to 1GB; a second level domain is provided with it. The main feature to be noted here are 5 websites, read it again; yes 5 websites on 1 account.

  1. Webs


You can create your website using; it is well known for its collection of templates which are suitable for various categories. The free package of Webs serves the user with 1 website with ads plus mobile version of your website that too with ads. Bandwidth is 500MB, along with storage space of 40MB. If you create an online store, the products are limited to 5 only.

Discussed above are some famous and well known website builders which are efficient in providing free services that are mostly liked by the users. Different people use these web creators for different purposes; this list will surely be helpful to you in some manner.


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